President’s Annual Report

I am pleased to present the fifth Annual Report for Queensland Veterans Cricket Inc. Thank you for making the time and effort to attend the AGM. Throughout this report, our new name Queensland Veterans Cricket will be used. You will be asked to confirm this name change in the General meeting today. The year 2016 has been outstanding in many ways for Queensland Veterans Cricket. I am sure you will concur with this as you peruse the QVC successes below.

2016 QVC Team Successes:

  • Competed against NSW in the Cooper Finlay Cup in Coffs Harbour in March 2016 with each State represented by 7 teams. (5 Over 60’s and 2 Over 70’s.) Unfortunately Qld were runners up in an extremely closely fought two day competition.
  • Successfully conducted the Qld Veterans Regional competition in Division 1 & 2 involving a total of 10 teams.
  • Introduced 4 new teams to the Division 2 Regional Competition.
  • Successfully conducted the Qld Veterans State Championships at Maroochydore.
  • The Geoff Dymock Shield (Division 1) was won by Brisbane, very capably skippered by John Stackpoole
  • The President’s Shield (Division 2) was won by Lockyer with Darryl Ready at the helm.
  • National Over 60’s & 70’s Championships: Successfully participated in the Nationals in Perth with a total of 6 Qld teams. (4 Over 60’s and 2 over 70’s). Five of the six teams were undefeated in the three pool games.
  • Division 2: Winners of the Over 60’s Cricket Championships Trophy – National Championships Perth 2016.
  • Division 3: Winners of the Brendan Lyons Shield – National Championships Perth 2016.
  • Over 70’s (1) Winners of the Doug Turbill Trophy National Championships, Perth 2016.
  • Division 1 and Division 4: Runners up, National Championships, Perth 2016.
  • Over 70’s (2) recorded a good win on the final day.
  • Over 50’s Interstate Championships – Sydney. Queensland entered 3 teams in this 10 team event finishing 1st, 3rd and 4th.
  • Overall Queensland entered 9 teams in 6 different divisions in National Events in 2016. Queensland won 4 of the 6 events and was runner up in the remaining two. A sensational effort by all Queensland teams.

2016 QVC Individual Successes:

  • Australian over 70’s v UK played in UK: Qld players were Ross Chapman – Captain, John Stackpoole, Ian Petherick and Nev Kratzmann.
  • Australian over 60’s v UK played in Australia: Queensland players were Colin Cooke – Captain, Phil Drescher, Mark Gaskell, Wayne Broad. (Peter Timms & Mick Kettle were named as Shadow Players.)
  • Great achievement to have two Queenslanders Ross Chapman and Col Cooke as current Captains of the National Over 70’s and 60’sTeams
  • Australian Country Cricket Championships Hall of Fame inductee Gary Madsen – Jan 2017.
  • National Championships Mike Nowlan hat-trick on the last day in the Over 70’s match in Perth against SA. Mike took the match winning figures of 7 overs, 4 wickets for 29 Runs.
  • David Baird Trophy won by Kerry Emery: Best performance by a Queensland Player at the National Championships in Perth. Figures: Final analysis:  25.1 overs, 7 maidens, 9 wickets for 51 runs. Average: 5.67

2016 Player Commitment:

The engagement and participation of Veteran Cricketers in Queensland continues to thrive. Such is the interest and growth that there will be an additional two Div 2 teams entering the Regional competition in 2017. It is good news to see a Toowoomba team joining the ranks and a special welcome is extended to Ian Reimers and his team from the Darling Downs. Sunshine Coast continues its growth with the entry of a second Div 2 team. Well done to Gary Madsen, Peter Knight and Peter McWhinney for their excellent recruiting efforts. 12 Veterans teams with 6 teams in each division should make a great season.

Early in 2016, QVC was advised that an over 50’s Championship was being staged in Sydney in November. Although there had been no formal Over 50’s matches played in Qld, when nominations were called, almost 50 interested players put their hand up to travel to Sydney for this first ever national event. It is a credit to the guys who participated. The teams performed outstandingly finishing 1st, 3rd, and 4th in the Championship which featured a total of ten teams. Thanks to Brad ‘Spud’ Murphy and Andrew Knight for their great work.

The success of the Cooper Finlay Cup continues to grow. Now in its 10th Year, a record 8 teams from each State will lead the charge as Queensland strives to reverse the form slump which has loosened their grip on the very prestigious Cup in more recent times. Remarkably, at this year’s event to be held at Redlands Cricket Club, current and former players and organisers will take the opportunity to participate in their 10 Year Celebrations. It will be a great occasion for reminiscing and for rekindling old rivalries and friendships.

It is worth noting that some of the original Cooper Finlay players will be running around the fields at Redlands. Ross Chapman, John Stackpoole, Brian Walters, Nev Kratzmann, Brian Kratzmann, Geoff Dymock are all playing in the over 70’s competition. Two officials, Mel Johnson who umpired and Lew Cooper who organised the first match are still keenly involved.

2016 Regional Co-ordinators:

Regional Co-ordinators and their Assistant Co-ordinators were introduced in 2016 and they have been instrumental in the smooth running of teams in the competition and spreading the workload. It is apparent that the future sustainable growth of Qld Veterans will be determined by the efforts of Regional personnel.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all Regional Co-ordinators and their assistants. All of them have played a key role in ensuring the success of their Region. Thanks to all personnel who have assisted with grounds preparation, team selection, scoring, umpiring, and ensuring that all visiting teams were welcomed into local communities.

2016 QVC Management Committee:

The QVC Management Committee has met on 9 occasions during 2016. Our commitment to the continued improvement of QVC, through its recruitment policies, operational structures and inclusive practices is our focus into the future. In December Regional Co-ordinators and Management Committee met to review our operations. As a result, some new positions have been created to engage other members to assist the Management Committee manage the increasing workload. I am confident these new positions will be filled at today’s meeting.

I wish to thank the 2017 Management Committee Members for their commitment and huge effort to ensure we had our most successful year to date. Ross Chapman – Secretary, John Stackpoole – Treasurer, Gill Chapman – Player Co-ordinator and Vice President, Lew Cooper – Patron, Gary Madsen and John Norden – Committee members have all done an outstanding job and I thank each of them for their ongoing efforts and support. In particular, I want to thank Gill for his outstanding organisational work with the Cooper – Finlay, Regional Competition, and National Championships.

Fundraising: During the year the QVC Committee determined that in keeping with the National Committee’s push it would commence a program to purchase two Automated External Defibrillators. A campaign was launched to raise the funds and our Members donated over $4000 towards the purchase of 2 AED’s which are now situated at Maroochydore CC and Caloundra CC. This was an outstanding effort and thanks are extended to all contributors for their generosity. Following the Perth Nationals another AED has been funded from member contributions and it is now located at the Rope Hill CC, Lockyer.

The AED’s are available for use by the local cricket clubs when not required by QVC. It is expected that QVC will arrange for the AED’s to be available at all of their matches.

Apparel ; Tim Bevan has done a wonderful job since he has taken on the role of Apparel Manager for QVC. This has become a huge task and requires many hours of meticulous record keeping ensuring that the books balance. I must also thank Arthur Higgs who took over the role whilst Tim was overseas for a well earned break. Thanks Tim and Arthur from the Management Committee for a job well done!

International Events: The Australian over 60’s team will be named this month and will travel to the UK mid-year. Later in the year our over 70’s will face the UK 70’s at home. Queenslanders are expected to feature strongly in both of these sides given their strong performances in Perth. Good luck everyone!

Veterans Cricket Australia – National Matters:

  • Adelaide will host the National over 70’s in early November 2017. Queensland will have two participating teams.
  • Queensland will host the National over 70’s in 2018 – venue to be decided.
  • The over 60’s will head to the National Capital in mid November. Nominations for this event will be invited soon.
  • VCA has now adopted a Constitution, opened a bank account and created an ABN. Closer links with CA are developing with an MOU between the two parties to be signed in the future.
  • As President, QVC, I have attended 3 Board meetings as your representative, 2 being held in Melbourne and 1 in Perth. CA has paid some expenses in relation to these meetings.

Thank-you:  To all players and partners who have supported Qld Veterans in the past year I extend my thanks. It has been an exciting time. I wish you well in 2017.

Kerry Emery


Queensland Veterans Cricket Inc.

13 Feb 2017